My Gri Gri is a new app that helps you manage every human relationship in your life. It's easy to navigate, fun to use, and it's completely free.

Use My Gri Gri to remind you of timelyfollow-ups, maintain relationships, and stay on top of all your relationships.My Gri Gri is always there for you — even when you're not with it.


●     Automatic contact reminders

●     Personalized, relevant suggestionsfor reaching out to contacts

●     Intuitive design to get in touchwith friends, never miss an event or date again

My Gri Gri app helps you stay in touchwith people, e.g. old friends, who are no longer in your daily life — includingpeople you haven’t heard from in years. It remembers details about them, likewho they know personally and who they’re connected to, so that you canefficiently rekindle old connections when you want to take the next step in arelationship!

Gri Gri prompts you for the contents ofyour conversations. With Gri Gri's timely reminders, you'll never miss a momentto express yourself or listen to someone else. This app is great for making newfriends, maintaining in-person relationships, and maintaining lifelongfriendships. With Gri Gri's simple social sharing feature and profileintegration, you can connect with old friends on Facebook, share photostogether with your Instagram contacts and so much more!

The Idea for My Gri Gri App wasinspired from Dunbar’s theory

The idea for My Gri Gri app was inspiredfrom Dunbar’s theory. Dunbar’s number is a theory developed by the Britishanthropologist and evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar that states thathuman beings can only have 150 meaningful relationships at any given time.

In short, Dunbar’s theory states that thesize of the average person’s social network (the number of people they can keeptrack of and who keep track of them) is only 150 people. In other words, thenumber of people in your social circle is directly correlated to the size ofyour neocortex.

As a result, identifying the friends andacquaintances that are closest to you and those that are not is crucial to yourdaily life. The My Gri Gri App was born out of the desire to solve thisproblem. We designed My Gri Gri to make it easier for you to identify yourclosest friends and acquaintances.

My Gri Gri provides an innovativesolution to a fundamentally human problem. Connecting with people has alwaysbeen hard, and with this app, you can cut through the digital noise and trulyrelate to people in your life. It can't adjust your lights for you like anAmazon Echo — but it can crack jokes at your expense. My Gri Gri is an app thatconnects people on a human level, just like we do in real life. The best partis it's a bot or an AI.

Conclusion: Get started with MyGri Gri

With My Gri Gri, you'll turn awkwardphone conversations into fun conversations — no matter where you are. Stopwasting time texting your friends, let the games begin!

Download and install the app, Turn it onand give access to your contacts, use it all the time! If you're looking for anew way to manage your relationships, then give My Gri Gri a whirl. It's reallyeasy to use, and it's 100% free. Get My Gri Gri free for iOS and Android today.


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